What is ChabaDigital?
Chabad Digital is a comprehensive program to provide a variety of solutions and services for the Advertising of Chabad-House in the digital space, with the goal of reaching every Jew in the city

Website, including updates

Updating your content without your intervention, and running the entire website in a fluent manner by a client manager

Shop online and purchase services

An electronic trading arena for selling products and services such as: religious articles, registration for workshops, summer camps, events and more


The popular WordPress content management system – which has millions of add-ons, connection options for a variety of services and open source that offers maximum flexibility

Responsive Website For Mobile

Convenient use on any type of device, including smartphones through which most of the traffic on the sites today takes place! Full Responsive website promotes your site on Google.

FaceBook & instagram

The program includes maintaining an active presence in social networks where teenagers and adults spend many hours each day

Weekly Newsletter

An 8-page Hasidic magazine, published weekly on the website and in Whatsapp, and sent by email to your mailing list (in your branding and with your news)

Shabbat newsletters for download

To increase traffic on the website, weekly newsletters are published on the website, living jewish, Dvar Malchus, etc. are available for download

What Shluchim say about us
Rabbi Benny Kelly
Rabbi Benny KellyChabad of marom nave, ramat gan
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What sounds like a dream a decade ago has become a reality: thousands Of all population groups wait for Wednesday to receive the divrei-Torah. mamash Hafotzas HaMaayonos!
Rabbi Menachem Noiman
Rabbi Menachem NoimanChabad-house of Even Yehuda
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The fact that every Jew can easily find the Chabad House and receive all the information he needs is a tremendous message, so the Chabad House is always open and providing service: with all its heart, to everyone - and at any time!
Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelick
Rabbi Yerachmiel GorelickChabad-house of Holon
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All the time we invested in transferring technical details to people ("when did the class", "where is the Purim seudah" etc.) can now be invested in actual action! All information is available, accessible and friendly on the site. Welcome!!!
Rabbi Yosef Garelitzkey
Rabbi Yosef GarelitzkeyChabad of Tel-aviv
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To be in Tel Aviv, you have to be online... and with the website we have transformed it from a "non-stop city" to a "city with non-stop Judaism"! Everything you need to know and even an online donation - everything inside!
Rabbi Meir Moryosef
Rabbi Meir MoryosefChabad of Pardesiya
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The difference between a regular Chabad House and a digital Chabad House is a difference between heaven and earth. The image of the Chabad House is also quite different when presented in an innovative and modern way!

Chabad House Website

ChabaDigital website without weekly content and store
240 Monthly
And a one-time fee
of 2000₪ 770₪
for setting up the website
  • Update content on the site from WhatsApp
  • Free International domain
  • Storage, support and service
  • Landing page design plugin


ChabaDigital Website
340 Monthly
And a one-time fee
of 2000₪ 770₪
for setting up the website
  • Update content on the site from WhatsApp
  • Torah content and weekly newsletter
  • Online store
  • Free international domain
  • Storage, support and service
  • Landing page design plugin

Landing Page

Landing page for the Chabad House
100 Monthly
And a one-time fee
of 1000₪ 385₪
for setting up the website
  • Storage and support
  • Contact information
  • Referral to social networks
  • Map and navigation to the Chabad house

* All special prices on the plans are subject to a one-year commitment     |     All prices before VAT     |     Customers from abroad do not have an additional VAT