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every jew
in your area deserves
a digital Chabad-House

Your people are online
טלקום ניוז/ ynet

of people
are buying online regularly


of day hours 
are spent on smartphone


of teenagers
have a smartphone

Chabad House expands

If you want to reach many more jews in your city, we invite you to get acquainted with the new technological revolution – ChabaDigital.

From today, it is easier and cheaper to connect with every resident and in fact to expand the boundaries of Chabad House

In an era when everyone is connected and doing more and more digital actions, in an age when Internet and digital are a "basic consumer product" for any business, organization or person, you deserve a meaningful and profitable presence on the Web.

?What is ChabaDigital
Chabad Digital is a comprehensive program to provide a variety of solutions and services for the publication of Chabad-House in the digital space, with the goal of reaching every Jew in the city

Website, including updates

Updating your content without your intervention, and running the entire website in a fluent manner by a client manager

Full automation

Integration between all your channels. For example: updating news from your Facebook page directly to your website

Chabad House app

Mobile App for your Chabad-House!!! to keep in touch with the community, send notifications and to perform service activities


The popular WordPress content management system – which has millions of add-ons, connection options for a variety of services and open source that offers maximum flexibility

responsive website for mobile & accessibility

Convenient use of all types of devices, including smartphones through which most of the website traffic is currently being made! Full accessibility promotes your site at Google, and meets the accessibility law requirements

Facebook & instagram

The program includes maintaining an active presence in social networks where teenagers and adults spend many hours each day

Weekly Newsletter

An 8-page Hasidic magazine, published weekly on the website and in Whatsapp, is sent by email to your mailing list (in your branding and with your news)

Shop online and purchase services

An electronic trading arena for selling products and services such as: religious articles, registration for workshops, summer camps, events and more

Shabbat newsletters for download

To increase traffic on the website, weekly newsletters are published on the website, living jewish, Dvar Malchus, etc. are available for download

Wait a minute, I have a question!

A website is really not a bulletin board… it is your presence in the virtual world. When someone today needs some service or is interested in participating in Jewish activity he searches for them automatically on the Internet. If you have a website, that Jew will come to you, be impressed by your work and be able to contact you!

Facebook page is excellent and has an important social dimension, but it can never replace a full website. Such a site that is under your full control can contain exactly the content you want to proactively send information to your "customers". Such a website is your home – rather than your hosting on another big network.

Even in terms of image, people treat a business that has a website as a serious business that respects itself and invests itself.

In addition, a site is also the basis for many activities that can not be done on the social network (for example, if you start selling certain Judaica products online, or you can register for a workshop that you hold).

Another important advantage is organic promotion on the web. Thanks to our rich content system and ongoing updates, Google – the leading search engine, identifies your site as a high-quality, up-to-date and secure site, and presents it in an excellent location in a variety of searches related to Judaism and can bring you more Jews.

Besides, who said we would not manage your presence on Facebook and Instagram?

Do not worry. We regularly handle EVERYTHING:

We will Update your content on your website, Facebook, instagram and on your app.

This is in addition to the weekly magazine, the weekly delivery of information and updates to your mailing list, etc.

The full service package works for you twice – once when you enter the content into the site and a second time when users on the network search for it and find you automatically.

You may not have one today, but once you have a website that sends updates regularly, this list will begin to grow consistently. 

E-mail is an important and effective means of communication, and your acquaintances will be happy to receive them (to their email or directly to the phone) Jewish weekly content, news, updates and more… 

Through the website they will also be able to sign up independently and directly to the list, without any engagement on your part. 

As mentioned above – the site will increase the list of acquaintances of your Chabad House, more and more.

What Shluchim say about us

I want to be impressed

For example, you can see what Chabad House looks like on Digital

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The Chabad House must have a strong digital presence,
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